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We are the first not-for-profit members’ club run to support homeless people in London into work.

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Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to create a future where lasting work is a reality for those affected by homelessness.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming the new Chair at the House of St Barnabas.

We’re a unique, pioneering charity and social business. Our vision is to create a future where sustainable employment is a reality for those affected by homelessness. Our mission is to generate employment opportunities and support people into lasting work – we do this by bringing socially minded individuals together as members of our not for profit club, while simultaneously running our Employment Academy that’s at the heart of our operation. Our ambition is to create a venture that is a unique combination of charitable purpose and commercial enterprise (our members’ club), fully integrated within our local community at the heart of the West End and possibly beyond.

Employment is the most effective routes out of homelessness. Over the past few years, we’ve created an ambitious new integrated social business model. We run our not for profit members’ club to provide funding and establish the environment to support our charitable activities, and an Employment Academy. So we‘ve redefined our strategy and have been recognised as a highly influential social pioneer by organisations such as The London Homelessness Awards, Nesta New Radicals, and Social Enterprise UK.

But there is more we need to do and we see a role for ourselves in achieving even greater reach and impact. To lead us through a bold era of growth and development, we need a progressive and encouraging Chair of exceptional standing and calibre, who can bring broad business skills and a genuine interest and connection with what we do. With deep expertise in leading and working with talented senior teams, you will help us grow in scale and capacity. You’ll have the vision and strategic acumen needed to ensure we make the connections and can create and shape new opportunities. And as an ambitious and influential thought leader, you will be keen to share our learnings and our understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

We’re looking for someone who already knows that achieving through others is the best way to create a bigger impact, whether that is with the other board members and staff team or partnership working with external organisations. And if you believe you offer the standing, skills and qualities we’re seeking, we very much look forward to hearing from you.

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